Thursday, January 26, 2012

If you think you are lucky...

When I got up that morning I thought it would be another ordinary day, but when I was going to work I received a phone call.
On the other side, a lady said something like congratulations because I had won the lottery. At first I thought it was a joke, but rapidly I figured it was not. I am not used to being that lucky.
So I decided to invite my friends to go on a trip to a tropical destination, where we can party all night, sleep in the most expensive hotel, waking up in the afternoon and getting a meal in bed.
Unfortunately, the last day came and we started packing our stuff. Then I went to pay everything...but I just could not find my credit card anywhere! And I had not enough cash in my wallet.
I realized it had been stolen from me during the last couple of days and I did not notice it sooner. All the money was gone.
I panicked immediately because I had no idea how I would pay all those bills!


  1. Oh my! That's horrible, sweetie! So, how's things now? :(

  2. Seriously, then what happen to you ? :O

  3. This is just a story I made, it's not reality! ;)

    1. Phew! I thought its real. You made me so nervous.

  4. Ah ah ah gostei da história :)*


  5. Gosto :)

  6. Muito bom... continua escrever! ^^,

  7. já sou seguidora! Se não tivesse lido que a história era ficcional tb já me estava a questionar que tinhas feito!

  8. i thought it was real, ah sara its shocking haha