Sunday, January 15, 2012

A big surprise (short story)

Jakob was absolutely furious when he saw what was going on outside his window. He was sleeping when a tremendous noise coming from the street woke him up. Still half asleep, he went to check, trying to find out where the noise was coming from.
At the first sign, he couldn't believe what he saw: construction machines, lots of them to be honest, were everywhere around the park in front of his house. There were also workers dressed with a horrible yellow jacket. They were destroying the park - his park, or at least the park where he had spent his childhood.
Completely furious, he went outside and found some people protesting against it. He realized that the workers had permission to destroy the park in order to build a shopping center.
"How could that be possible?", it was the only thing Jakob could think about. For him the human race was terrible, destroying lots of lives and ecosystems to build a place to reinforce one of the biggest diseases of this century: consumerism.


  1. I Loove Your Blog *____* It's Pretty Awesome <3 you're a great writer keep doing <3<3

  2. When I rode it I thought about 'Up!' movie. I love this movie. You're right. Human is one of the most dangerous creature on this planet. Human destroy beauty. It will kill us all.

  3. k escritora, meu Deus......... kuando for grande kero k te cases comigo pk vais ser muito famosa e depois eu posso ir a festas chikes e tal vai ser do caraças...

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  5. ^^, Gosto da maneira que escreves =P