Sunday, February 26, 2012

Couple guilty of trafficking children

Mohamed and his wife Petra were arrested yesterday by the national police cooperation, because of the selling of children in an auction in Mirjapur, India. They are the founders of an employment agency, which the main objective was negotiating children to work in factories, earning money with their pass.
Their employment agency hired children both from India and China. They used to talk to parents in a very difficult economic situation, and say that if their children went with them, they would get good education in order to have better job opportunities in the future. They made parents sign a document and Mohamed told them it was said that their kids would have a better life. Because parents were illiterate they did not understand what was really written in the document and they actually signed it. Then kids went with Mohamed and Petra, and they sold them to factories.
In the factories, children were forced to work too many hours a day in very poor conditions, doing very hard tasks and receiving very low salaries. Sometimes they only got a bowl of food during a whole day. They were kept working with threats to death if they tried to escape.
"They used to hit us if we have done something wrong. We are only kids, we cannot do everything perfect. Nobody does.", said one of the children when asked about the life in a factory. "It was not a school at all.", another one accomplished.
As child labour is prohibited in India and in China some people have joined together and created a foundation against this kind of human rights violation. It is called "Children are not slaves!" and has done a lot of progress recognizing children's rights by the government and making it take action in these situations by punishing people. The members of this association are currently organizing an operation to alert the most number of parents as they can so that in the future the number of children trafficked will diminish.


  1. Facts about this post:

    This newspaper article was done by me for the English subject. All names, organizations and main story does not exist, I made it up.
    Although, all of these facts are very common to happen in India, so this could be totally a true newspaper article...

  2. Não sabia disto :O

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  3. yep, it's sad true! this behavior is terrible.. poor children

  4. Que coisa mais horrível :( Custa acreditar que esse tipo de situações ainda existe em pleno século XXI =(


  5. Great article. Hope you do good on English! It was very sad though, and it's even sadder to know this could be true. Ugh, our world is messed up.

  6. Nao sabia disto! É horrível que isto ainda aconteça (...)