Friday, February 17, 2012

Education for better health

It's a human right for everybody to have education for free, at least basic school, so governments have a duty to ensure that every child is able to realize this right to receive a free basic education. We can find the highest attendance of primary school in four continents such as Europa, America, Asia and Oceania, but in some countries of Africa there are still kids uneducated. Even though school is free, they cannot attend it because they are poor kids and have to work to get money to help their families to survive, or because they are orphans and they don't have nobody to tell them to go to school or they are children with disabilities. Another reason is the fact that some schools are way too far from some children's homes and the walk to school can be unsafe and very dangerous, specially for girls. Also they cannot attend school because they are forced to leave their homes to fight in war. 
Why is it so important to kids in poor countries to attend school? Well firstly, educating children helps reduce poverty. Not only reducing poverty but also diseases. How? In school children learn basic skills like reading and writing. With these skills they develop others and get more confidence. As a result they will have a better life, because they can find a better job to support their families. Countries where more people go to school and become literate are able to grow their economies more quickly and become less poor.
School gives to the little kids a safe environment and support. In school kids can socialize and make new friends which can be a way to escape of the daily problems they have at home.
Education improves children's health because at school children may receive vaccines and medical assistance, fresh water and nutrient food. Besides, there children can learn how to prevent/avoid diseases such as HIV/AIDS and malaria. A study found that AIDS spreads twice as fast among uneducated girls as it did among girls who were educated.
There are some organizations which the main aim is education for every child around the world. One of them is UNICEF (stands for the Universal Nations Children's Education Fund) and its goal is to ensure that by 2015 all children in the world have access to primary school and actually complete it. That hasn't been an easy task once there are still 93 million children who don't attend school. More than 95% of these children live in developing countries and the majority are girls. Another 150 million children will drop out before they finish primary school.
In my opinion richer countries should give extra aid to poorer countries to help them improving their school systems, building  more schools in more places so children don't have to travel too far to get courses, plus there should be a higher number of teachers with experience and training to avoid one teacher for a huge number of students. It is especially important that many of these teachers are women because hiring more women teachers can help increase the numbers of girls that go to school, and that can help make sure girls and boys are treated equally in the classroom.


  1. I like it that you writing about really important things. Some people writing about so stupid things and they so happy then. I think you have 100% right about school and this, that some poor childrens can't study. It's soo not okay. Everyone deserves to education and it's great that there is a organizations like UNICEF. :) I'm waiting for your new post :)

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